Gone are the days, when one used to invest days and months to create a perfect traveling plan. Today neither you have to go and stand in queue for transportation tickets nor roam occasionally for the best hotels for the stay. The travel industry has already shifted from offline to online mode, a few years back. Now travellers are prepared with their set of traveling wishes, and it’s really the duty of travel agency business to make their wishes become a reality.
To run a successful travel agency business, one must need travel booking software. Your software should be smart and advanced to ease the procedure of booking transportation tickets, hotels, restaurants, etc. However, who want to travel somewhere with the responsibility of looking after alternative activities?
If you are planning to start your traveling agency, listed below are the must-have features for your travel agency software:
Profile Creation and booking process
The profile creation process on the travel portal should be easy. Permit the multiple profile creation options like creating using email id, through social media, or from mobile number. The profile creation would be the first action taken by an individual on your own society to book tickets.
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The booking process should be easy and short. Ensure you are not asking for too much detail in the ticket booking form, as it can divert the user to other travel agency portals to save lots of their time.
If your booking process is smooth, the customer will come again and again to book their tickets.
Customization packaging option
For traveling, tour packaging is probably the important features. Today folks are very particular about their travel accommodations, activities, food, etc. Offering a choice to add and subtract few activities from the travel package, can help the customer to get the very best travel package according to their requirement.
Providing limited tour packages won’t give your customer the vacation of these dreams. Gone will be the days, when people used to make travel plans as per the option of travel packages in travel agencies. The personalized experience will drag them to go to your travel agency software again to get the best traveling experience.
Also, offer them multiple packages of a specific destination by making changes like a number of days, stay in the hotel, participation in virtually any local and cultural activities, etc. While buying travel agency software, make sure you are hiring a skilled company.
Payment method
Take into account the payment process is the last step of shopping for your product and services. Provide your customer’s payment flexibility. Offer multiple payment options like third-party payment applications, payment apps, usage of credit or debit cards.
As everything is digital and fast now, ensure that your payment process is fast and secure. The customer will be adding her personal and bank information, the transaction should be safe for you and the customer both. Keeping multiple payment options will even help international travellers to book tickets or hotels without facing any issues.
The more options you’ll give, the more area of the audience it is possible to attract. Either it is possible to hire software development services to create your Travel agency software from scratch, or purchase a white label travel solution like MakeMyTrip from their website.
Multi-lingual and currency
How frustrating might it be to convert each word right into a local language? While owning a travel agency, you will have a wider audience. Your travel agency should be for people from different corners of the world. It is your responsibility to provide a personalized and rich experience to all or any the visitors.


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